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Head Start is a national, federally funded preschool program servicing children and families. Head Start is designed to provide a quality education for young children and help parents establish goals designed to aid the entire family. Children who come to Head Start have access to the following:

*Assessments to Identify Strengths & Challenges
*Individual Educational Programs
*Nutritious Meals & Snacks (USDA approved)
*Health & Dental Programs
*Field Trips and much more.

Head Start also serves children with disabilities. Each identified child has an Individualized Education Plan. Collaboration with Durham Public Schools enhances the transition to public school after the Head Start experience.

We encourage children to be actively engaged in learning activities. Children will develop school readiness skills in reading, writing, math, science, language, etc. The child with a learning environment that will support social , intellectual, physical and emotional development.

Hours of Operations:

Administrative offices are open 8 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
School hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-2:30 a.m. (Glenn Elementary School hours are 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.).

Before and after school care is available to children whose parents are either working or in school. This service is on a fee-based schedule.

Wrap Around Program:

This program is for children in need of before and after school care. It is available only to parents who are working or attending school. Morning hours are from 7:00-8:30 a.m., Afternoon hours are from 2:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. A fee is charged according to income. Acceptance is based on eligibility requirements established by the State of North Carolina.


We provide our children each day with breakfast, lunch and snacks. A family-style setting is provided. Teachers sit with the children and have conversations much like Headstart. Teachers model appropriate eating behavior. Head Start complies with the USDA food service requirements.

Parent Fees and Payment:

Because Head Start is a federally funded program, there is no cost for eligible children. However, we do encourage parents to join the North Carolina Head Start Association (NCHSA). The fee is $5.00 and is used to support members at the National and State levels and used to inform Representatives and Senators about the success of Head Start.

Headstart Visits:

Twice a year, your child's teacher will make at least two visits to your Headstart to conduct parent-teacher conferences. Headstart visits are made to exchange information with parents and to form a partnership with parents. Center visits are for parents to receive their child's progress reports.


Transportation can be provided for your child if you live within the programs's service area. This service is provided only if you have no other means of transportation for your child. We ask parents to bring their children to the bus stop, make sure they get on the bus safely and pick them up from the bus stop each day. You must sign a transportation agreement form before service can begin.

Community Partnerships:

Not only do we form partnerships with our families, we also form partnerships with various community agencies. These community partnerships allow our Head Start families to access needed services, take charge of their children's education and become community advocates.

Volunteer Information:

Head Start has a strong volunteer program. Children benefit greatly from parents and community volunteers spending quality time with them at various Head Start sites. If you wish to get involved with the Head Start program, please contact the Community Partnership Manager at 9919) 688-5541 Ext. 244. You will learn of the various volunteer opportunities available when you call.

Durham Headstart Locations

OBT Main Head Start (Downtown)
215 W. Seminary Ave
Durham, NC 27702

Leathers/Meacham Head Start
908 Liberty Street
Durham NC 27701

Oxford Manor Head Start
3633 Keystone Place
Durham NC 27704

McDougal Terrace Head Start
1101 East Lawson Street
Durham NC 27702

Lyon Park Head Start
1313 Halley Street
Durham NC 27707


Name Phone Number
Terry David, Head Start Director 919-688-5541, ext. 235
Thelma Godfrey, Operations Administrator 919-688-5541, ext. 227
Brenda Carter, Education Manager 919-688-5541, ext. 260
Shirley Brooks, Family & Community Partnership Manager 919-688-5541, ext. 236
Disabilities & Mental Health Manager 919-688-5541, ext. 240
Rosemary Everett, Nutrition Manager 919-688-5541, ext. 237
Helen Bell, Health Manager 919-688-5541, ext. 239
Wayne Glenn, Transportation/Facilities Manager 919-688-5541, ext. 239


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